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But they are out there and you will eventually meet them at a freeway offramp, street-corner, workplace or even knocking at your front door someday. And they are in every country, every community no matter how rich or how poor or how in-between.. Just like sharks can smell blood in the water these con artists see you coming from a block away, make no mistake about it. the guy who does island hopping just happens to be in the mall and joins me at the table to finalize the deal.

there are con artists looking to separate you from your money.‘. They don’t just bump into you or start conversation by chance. Well, here’s one red-flag to look out for; Never trust someone who INSISTS on taking you down a predetermined path. It took quite a bit of polite deference to get them to understand I had no intention of making a commitment to go island hopping at that moment.

That’s it, that’s all the justification they need to salve their conscience about taking your watch, wallet, money, laptop, cell phone or anything else you didn’t keep your eye on while they were in the vicinity.

These people are not so much con artists as they are unrepentant petty thieves.

They will swear on all that is holy that it wasn’t them and even when caught on video they will say it was someone else.

Now, my experience has been that despite poverty, the majority of Filipinos I know are honorable, religious, hard-working people. It’s the same old game with different locations and different tales. The first thing you gotta realize is that the local con artists spot you right away.

Times are tough for them but they don’t let hard times compromise their spiritual values for the most part as a society.) who simply are not to be trusted. Whether you ever plan to come to the Philippines or not, these shady characters exist in your home town as well. The difference is that with a larger middle-class you may not cross paths with them quite so often. But no matter what the country, it’s the same old con game. You stick out like a hillbilly at a wine tasting function.

I know a woman who has had her pursed dipped into so many times..

even in her own home, from unscrupulous relatives and visitors it is unbelievable. There is a pervasive mentality among the poor that if they perceive you as ‘rich’..it’s okay to steal from you because, ““.

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