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A high school diploma or the equivalent can make an important difference in your income – and in your life.

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Created in 1990 by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and the Georgia Council on Adult Literacy (GCAL), the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) asks a community to establish a non-profit collaborative to promote, support and enhance local community literacy efforts.

These partnerships produce successful public awareness and fund development campaigns.

To qualify as a participant in the program, a community must set the goal of reducing its functional illiteracy rate by 50 percent within 10 years.

Fifty counties and 1 city are CLCP Participants (first level of certification) and 37 counties and 1 city are Certified Literate Communities (second level of certification).

The accomplishments of CLCPs throughout the state of Georgia are many and varied.

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