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Dedicated to Keeley and Ally, who put in a substantial amount of input and were there every step of the way as I went through the very fun process of writing this. ILOVETONYSTARK: LOLOLOLBruce: burn HAMMERBRO: : UPurple Pants: you're sexier in fic anyways Purple Pants: fanfic Natasha would let me try that one thing on her that i've mentioned a few times Bruce: Wow.tashcosh: I'm afraid you'll hurt yourself. DAGUDCAP: So I'm going to assume the majority of these links are written pornography like... Bruce: And visual, if what Tony showed me yesterday is any indication. ILOVETONYSTARK: there are some visuals in there ;)ILOVETONYSTARK: honestly, they flatter you too much in the third one from the bottom DAGUDCAP: um DAGUDCAP: Ew. HAMMERBRO: ENLARGENOW TRUE PRODUCT GOOD RESULT XXX? Peeps: ITS SUPER ABSORBANTILOVETONYSTARK: BLASPHEMY. ILOVETONYSTARK: Fury's epic speech about how we suck will be a gentle breeze, okay. Agent Coulson: all of the Twilight-like writings on the Internet are, these days. Bruce: you should've just stayed quiet, Phil.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: we had almost forgotten you were here.

All typos are intentional, and warning for little to no shame. DAGUDCAP: You're actually right, Tony.tashcosh: I'm assuming veiny muscles? ILOVETONYSTARK: this chat is the best thing in the world.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: Tony don't let him. HAMMERBRO: DON'T LET HIM WHAT.insovietrussiawidowsquishyou: It'll do something to that brand new Stark Pad of his, Stark. Peeps: Stark Pad sounds like a feminine hygiene product. DABADCAP: Y'know, the fanfiction version of you says something like that to the fanfiction version of me in 50 Stripes of Iron.tampontime: I'll take my chances, Stark. ILOVETONYSTARK: HOLD THE PHONE A TWILIGHT REFERENCE THIS CHAT HAS FINALLY COME FULL CIRCLE.

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HAMMERBRO: HOW DO YOU GET THE PICTURES SHOWING EMOTIONS TO DISPLAY ON THE SCREENDAGUDCAP: I have a mind to, since this last mission's paperwork is piling up on you, I think.

DAGUDCAP: you said it was a companion word to that other word that Thor said? Whats a companion to dicks capguest503604: wow.guest503604: look at how much fun we've been missing out on Nat ILOVETONYSTARK: yeah now cap THE PASSWORD PLEASEDAGUDCAP: Stark, this is an open chat. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT AGENT COULSON OR DIRECTOR FURY CONCERNING THIS MATTER, AND PLEASE LET THE AVENGERS' EXAMPLE BE A WARNING TO ALL WHO WISH TO SLACK ON THEIR PAPERWORK, WHICH IS A VITAL AND NECCESSARY PART OF THE S.

Bruce: perfect, Tho ILOVETONYSTARK: now cap what's the password?

Bruce: I still don't understand all htis about a password. ILOVETONYSTARK: alright wait a sec *THO changed nickname to HAMMERBRO. BUT A HAMMER BROTHER IS A VILLAIN IN THE SUPER MARIO WORLD RIGHT? ILOVETONYSTARK: lol it is and hammer bros are awesome thor Bruce: They're harder to get past in the game... EVEN IF I INVITED HIMILOVETONYSTARK: GET ON WITH IT OR BANNING WILL ENSUE AND THOR DONT TELL HIMILOVETONYSTARK: I MEAN THOR DON'T TELL HIM OR HER. Agent Romanov: You already moved us into your tower so you could watch us every waking moment of the day, Stark.accurateaim: yeah Agent Romanov: can't we just go into the common room and talk like normal people? ILOVETONYSTARK: I SHOULD MAKE YOU SAY THE PASSWORD JUST FOR THAT, TASH-COSH.accurateaim: ahahahaaccurateaim: tashcoshaccurateaim: so how dead am I compared to the others if I make that your new nickname Nat? And Clint, you're already pretty dead for not filing your paperwork like you were supposed to a month ago, so I won't have to take care of it if that is my awful new nickname. Bruce: I'm a little offended at how you don't seem to believe in us, Captain. DAGUDCAP: Well, if you are all going to stay and be inappropriate for the rest of the night, I'm leaving. Purple Pants: aww but cap Purple Pants: your very presence ILOVETONYSTARK: YEAH YOUR PRESENCE ITSELF IS VERY VERY UHILOVETONYSTARK: whats a word other than hilarious HAMMERBRO: REASSURING.

ILOVETONYSTARK: It's a word you might have heard recently. IS THE PASSWORD *guest-878647 entered the chatroom. ILOVETONYSTARK: hahahahahahahaha Bruce: Tony look what you did ILOVETONYSTARK: so worth it hahahahaha ILOVETONYSTARK: told you this chat was a good idea Bruce THO: I DO NOT SEE THE AREA TO CHANGE MY NAME ON THE CHAT. ILOVETONYSTARK: aw cmon bruce you can't be serious ILOVETONYSTARK: here's a hint: line 2308 on source ILOVETONYSTARK: I dont believe you don't know this already it's so easy Bruce: that looks too easy the server can't be that insecure *guest-878647 entered the chatroom. WELL IF THEY ARE AWESOME I AM OKAY WITH BEING ONE THEN. ILOVETONYSTARK: AN INTRUDER IF HE DOES NOT STATE THE PASSWORD. HAMMERBRO: ^6^ILOVETONYSTARK: oh yeah speaking of Clintasha CLINT YOU WOULDNT DARE TELL PEPPER ON ME BAD THING S WILL HAPPEN IF YOU DO. Agent Romanov: I don't get the point of this chatroom. DAGUDCAP: Wait, you mean someone else on this team actually filed their paperwork on time? well, actually I can believe you'd get your stuff done on time, Agent Romanov.tashcosh: Tbh, Fury used to be very strict with that stuff before he got old and tired. LOOK UPON YOUR PUNISHMENT ANDILOVETONYSTARK: BE PUNISHED OR WHATEVERPurple Pants: already compiling a list for Peptashcosh: She's going to have so much material. PERSONELL: IF YOU WISH TO OBTAIN A COPY OF THE “AVENGERS' PUNISHMENT PRESENTATION ON THE GIANT GLORBAX THAT TRIED TO MATE WITH THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING” VIDEO AND THE POWERPOINTS INCLUDED WITH IT, THEY ARE NOW ALL AVAILABLE IN THE DOCUMENT SHARING FOLDER OF THE S.

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