Ang dating daan live stream

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It is often said that behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

The twisted tale of Yamashita’s gold, allegedly buried in the Philippine islands, is a story of a great fortune and many crimes that became inseparably intertwined.

But in the end all this hard work was for nothing – the Americans invaded the Philippines in October 1944.

The Old Path TV is the English format of the Ang Dating Daan, a religious program hosted by Bro.

Programs are aired internationally in various language formats, such as Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese.

click map to enlarge During the early days of the war the looting network functioned as planned – treasures from all over South East Asia arrived in the Philippines daily – the loot was then transferred to freighters for the trip back to Japan. The Allies were gaining control of the Pacific, making it increasingly difficult for the Japanese to transport the stolen treasure.

Allied submarines and aircraft took a heavy toll on Japan’s shipping; some of the ships carrying loot to Japan were sunk.

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