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The app also gently coerces users to be polite by awarding various badges like "Explorer," "Giver" or "Gossip" for positive posts, but will slap a "Hater" tag on people who are consistently negative.

This process, according to Candid's PR team, is entirely automated.

All personally identifiable data -- including IP address, precise location data and Facebook contacts -- are encrypted with a one-way hash before they reach the company's servers.

That hash cannot be decrypted by Candid -- or anyone else, for that matter.

Similarly, if the system sees that a poster is threatening self-harm, it will issue a push notification to him or her with the number for a local crisis helpline.Once you get through the initial setup, Candid offers a number of mechanisms to maintain the user's privacy.For example, the app applies a new, continually randomized username like "Curious Rabbit" or "Creative Lemur" to every new post.Groupthink is also an issue once you delve beyond the broadest of groups.The overarching Politics Group offers a variety of thoughts and opinions but once you get into the Republican and Democrat groups or the Sanders, Clinton and Trump groups, views expressed within them become increasingly myopic.

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