Blood type dating

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If he had hoped that having a favoured blood group would give him a boost at the polls he was disappointed. an asian girl i was was friends with asked me what my blood type was so she could figure out if dating me was a good idea...

needless to say i was a little creeped out "my blood type....?!

" "This particular thing about blood types is a clever way of telling people what you think about them, but indirectly," said Jeff Kingston, professor of Asian Studies at Temple University in Japan.

"Here people don't like to be upfront and open about their opinions.

In 1930, after the blood type/personality link was first suggested, a new blank for blood type was added to job application forms, in order to better assess the potential employees' temperament.

"At the interview for my first job they asked me about my blood type," said a man with blood group B, who wanted to identify himself only as Kouichi. "The president was the kind of person who couldn't take her drink and at one company party she got drunk. The preoccupation with blood ultimately dates back to theories of eugenics during the inter-war years.

One study compared the blood of people in Taiwan, who had rebelled against Japanese colonial rule, with the Ainu from Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, thought to be more peaceable.

Stripped of its racial overtones, the idea emerged again in the 1970s.

Debunked Now, blood typecasting is as common as horoscopes in the West, with the whiff of science - although dubious - giving it added credibility.

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