Butch femme dating

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I self–identify as butch, but you might say I cover a lot of bases, and I certainly feel less butch when I’m out on the town and have my hair down. We all long for a sense of belonging, some more than others.

When I first came out, I was way more butch, and considered myself a ‘baby dyke.’ I used to long to fit in.

What I am is a strong, assertive woman – strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

One term I like to use is ‘butchismo.’ I never wanted to be a man.

I don’t wear men’s clothing and I don’t own flannel; I have a swagger more than a sway, but I wear tight jeans.

I do feel more butch when I’m wearing my work pants [construction clothes] but I’m not seeking a style as much as functionality; my butch aspects are more born out of necessity and practicality.

In my new understanding of myself as an adult, I’ve discovered how I feel most comfortable.

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We make up all flavors of the rainbow; the possibilities are endless.The worst discrimination I’ve received from any group is from straight feminists and lesbians because they couldn’t understand that this wasn’t me wanting to be a man.I’ve been accused of being chauvinistic in my treatment of women because I tend towards the more chivalrous side of manners.As a woman who is attracted to women, I really don’t believe in letting stereotypes or labels define who I am.I embrace the duality of sexuality and gender and although I’m most attracted to femme women, it’s not my preference to label, because I really appreciate all forms of beauty.

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