Candace bailey dating 2016

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Richard reminds her they designed the program together, and she is the chief because he lobbied for it.In the clinic, Alex assures Arizona, who was left off the list – it must have been an oversight.Good job Candace—and good job, Candace’s mom, for telling her exactly what to say!

After, Meredith chastises Richard for letting the woman into her OR. Mer reminds him he’s the director of the residency program. In the scan room, Amelia is having another run-in with Owen as Stephanie and Minnick look on.At the entrance, Amelia and Owen arrive bickering with Alex behind them. Maggie appears with an email about the consultant and word spreads.Alex tells Meredith they’re probably overhauling the program because a teacher beat up a student.“I couldn’t believe she was able to memorize all that,” witness Anna Hines says.“It didn’t really change my mind, but she was so adorable up there on that podium!

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