Chiang mai dating

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The Chiang Mai metropolitan area has a population of nearly one million people, more than half the total of Chiang Mai Province.The city is subdivided into four khwaeng (electoral wards): Nakhon Ping, Srivijaya, Mengrai, and Kawila.Jakapan Wongburanawatt, Dean of the Social Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University, to discuss air pollution efforts in the region. Wongburanawatt stated that, in 1994, an increasing number of city residents attended hospitals suffering from respiratory problems associated with the city's air pollution.

The city center—within the city walls—is mostly within Srivijaya ward.The main source of the fires is forested area being cleared to make room for new crops.The new crops to be planted after the smoke clears are not rice and vegetables to feed locals. The haze problem began in 2007 and has been traced at the local level and at the macro-market level to the growth of the animal feed business."The true source of the the boardrooms of corporations eager to expand production and profits.A chart of Thailand's growth in world corn markets can be overlaid on a chart of the number of fires.

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