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He also posted a photo of his MCM luggage, and Rihanna would follow suit by posting a pic of her posing with a bag designed by the company.And then, in what is unquestionably the most defiant move yet, there's the picture Rihanna just posted, showing her embracing Brown, along with a message addressed to his Instagram account: "I don't wanna leave ...Rihanna's representatives are said to be scrambling ideas on how to best tackle a public announcement about the pair getting back together with the least amount of backlash."Everyone agrees they can't control Rihanna and can't stop her seeing Chris, no matter how much they fear the negative public reaction will be," the source said.

But she does fit a certain type since everything thinks she look like Rihanna.

And while their words are saying one thing, those pictures, tell another story altogether.

Both Brown and Rihanna have rather, uh, amazing Instagram accounts — since deleting his Twitter account, Breezy's been using his as the primary way of communicating with his fans — and over the past week, they've raised more than a few eyebrows with their photos.

Brown then started dropping hints that the two were spending time together, posting a photo of a collection of watches ...

one of which would soon show up on Rihanna's wrist.

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