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Phil opened a practice with his father, who had earned his psychology degree following a career as an oil rig equipment supplier.Outside of church and work, it's often difficult to find places to meet other single Christians — online Christian dating solves this problem.Phil was born Phillip Calvin Mc Graw on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma. Realizing that one-on-one therapy wasn't for him, Mc Graw soon launched a popular self-motivation seminar called Pathways. With his catchphrase, "Get real," the plain-spoken doctor served up common sense advice rather than self-help jargon, his demeanor making him someone even tough guys felt comfortable learning from.The boys say they began their life with a perfect soccer mom but were soon lost boys floating from home to home for most of their young lives.

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But Bekah says her mother knows good and well it was her “sinful behavior” that got her removed from their lives.Phil pioneered, it looks at the application of psychology in the judicial system and what motivates people.” Said Mc Graw during the panel: “It’s not an autobiographical, it’s ‘inspired by.’ I like the way the show tracks how we did the right thing and tried to take the higher moral ground in these cases. Sometimes the law doesn’t always get it right.” Cases on the show won’t just be based in New York but also Oklahoma and Silicon Valley.Mc Graw was trained in forensic psychology and served as an officer of the court.Jen claims in the last two months, Emma’s violent outbursts include punching her 65-year-old grandfather in the face and knocking his glasses off and getting in a vicious fight with her sister Meredith that resulted in injuries requiring emergency medical attention. Emotions and tempers run high as the parents have to make a difficult decision about their daughters’ futures. Phil claiming she’s at war with her son-in-law, David, and daughter, Bekah.Bill says he feels that he can’t punish or parent the girls because they call the police on him with allegations of domestic abuse. Phil continues the conversation with frustrated parents Bill and Jen and their two teenage daughters, Meredith and Emma. When Emma and Meredith are confronted with the reality of what is about to happen to them, neither of them wants to move forward and protest to the end. Susan says she’s not sure why she’s not allowed to see her grandchildren.

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