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Peggy loathes Dan, and the two frequently row over the running of the pub.

Also, Dan had stolen Frank's son Ricky Butchers wife Bianca Butcher off Ricky by having an affair with her.

Her heartache and suffocating love for him aided her decision to walk away from Walford.

One thing’s for certain - Peggy was certainly a queen of the Vic and her words "Get outta ma pub! Peggy become a permanent resident in 1994-2003, made a guest appearance in 2004 for Sam and Andy's wedding and returned permanently again in 2005-2010 and then made more guest appearances throughout 2013-2016.

Romance has always been messy for Peggy, whether it was splitting up with scheming Archie hours after their wedding, or a messy love triangle involving Pat Evans and Frank Butcher.

Her beloved Queen Vic was sadly taken from her clutches, when her wayward son’s battle with booze and drugs led to an emotional showdown, resulting in him setting the landmark alight.

Dan revels in winding Peggy up and insulting the Butchers. Eventually, Peggy and Phil call a truce, and are able to force Dan out of Walford when Phil wins the pub back off Dan in a game of poker.

Peggy discovers Frank is planning on leaving her for his ex-wife Pat (Pam St.

Peggy tried to save her marriage by having another child in 1975, her only daughter Sam (Danniella Westbrook and Kim Medcalf).Peggy suffered due to her violent alcoholic husband Eric.She even almost had an affair with Johnny Allen, his friend.Peggy Mitchell - Suicide by drug overdose Total: 1 Margaret Ann Martin was born on the 21st March 1942 in the East End of London to Jack Martin and Lilian Martin (unknown maiden surname). In May 1945, the war ended and Peggy was 3 years old. In about 1959 she met Eric Mitchell, a local boxer.She was soon pregnant with his child and they married in September 1960.

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