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It wasn’t the only science high school in the Philippines, yeah, but it was the first; it began the line of prestigious schools known as the Science High Schools. Her skills in understanding the human psyche and allowing the others to slowly let go of their problems are monumental to the country’s economy. With a deep breath, I pushed on forward, and opened the door to the hall. Gulping, I ventured, “U-um, e-excuse me…”“Are you a freshman here too? A girl with flaming red-orange hair near the guy with the fancy clothes flashed me a thumbs up and a wide grin. I’ve read about the princess of the obscure country of Palekaiko before, in a magazine. Said source then grabbed Joshua by the shoulders and screamed, “WHY?! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO OUT WHEN I WAS ASLEEP, AND LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!! THIS ALL COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED, AND AIEL AND THE OTHERS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE…!!! ” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Clamps grabbed at Joshua’s wrists, ankles, and neck and the boy bowed his head, resigned to his fate. He remained strapped to the record as the lights panned to reveal a giant Monocat-like contraption.

And as such, it’s terrifyingly difficult to get into this school. The Super High School Level Friend, on the other hand, has the amazing ability to make everyone like her. As you can see, I’m your average high school student (well, as average as I can get, really). ” A well-dressed boy asked from the side, crossing his arms and smiling at me. ”On the other side of the room, a slightly tanned girl holding a camera replied, “Yo, wake up there, lazy bones! Palekaiko was technically the sister country to the Philippines, so she was also technically the ruler of the Philippines. NAHANGEL GELUA – SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL HEIR Heir to the Gelua conglomerate, one of the most powerful groups in the Philippines, next to the royal family of Palekaiko, I kind of expected Nahangel to be really snooty. He had a kind face, but there was this mischievous glint in his eyes and a crafty smirk on his face that made you want to think twice about hanging out and trusting him with something like a dark secret. I soon dozed off, listening as the names and titles whizzed above my head. I backed away then, watching as she sank to the floor… ” Joshua was frozen in place as the Writer sobbed, “W-why did you have to go and… ” “ Paula’s tears momentarily stopped as Monocat purred, “For you, Joshua De Vera, I have purrpared a special execution, just for the likes of you! ” Paula let go of Joshua, turning to Monocat and staggering closer. He was dragged off into another room, and the rest of the class followed, only to find their selves getting elevated to a higher plane, while Joshua was dragged and bound to… The music began playing, and the record Joshua was on spun slowly at first.

Probably.(( I had to add this because a few people have talked to me about intellectual property rights without understanding the concept of fanfiction, so here it is, friends. They were known for their amazing talents that surpassed those of the normal high school students, and as such, Axiom Science wanted to cultivate their skills further for the good of the country. Nice to meet you all.” DAENNA ANGELES – SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL PRINCESS With an aura of refinement and grace, it’s no wonder she’s the SHSL Princess.

I couldn’t blame them though; getting into that school basically meant success in all your future endeavors, mainly because your classmates were very influential people most of the time. still, even now, as I stood in front of the school’s gates, I felt terrified. ” Monocat shrugged, before peering at all of us curiously. The students of hope, being stuck in such a despair-filled situation, with such delicious despairing faces… ”Out of the corner of my eye, I saw – and heard – Bonn, the SHSL Rulebreaker, cracking his knuckles. Get the fuck out of my way, douchebags.” Pushing his way past SHSL Musician Bea and SHSL Mathematician Nazarina/Ina, Bonn picked up Monocat and shook her around. ” Alarmed, Monocat flailed around helplessly, before stopping, hanging limply from Bonn’s vicegrip. JUSTINE ASPRAH – SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL ATTORNEY Attorney Asprah’s talents are pretty much unrivaled by even the most skilled lawyers in America. Stormy gray eyes stared at each of us in turn, and I couldn’t help but feel a chill running down my spine as I asked, “What… “Somewhere, in this very room, is a possible murderer. Such psychologically damaging events must be recorded, you know.”“I will never understand women.” Kyle groaned, slapping his forehead. There was a cloth thing tied around her mouth, so we couldn’t see her mouth, but her EXO necklace was broken and separated into three pieces next to her head, the actual string nowhere to be found. T-this was…W-why…I took a step backwards as Monocat cackled gleefully. They’re perfect examples of despair-inducing portraits! ” With a flick of her tail, the two-toned cat twirled around in her little office chair before continuing, “Ahhh, I can feel your despair, even from over here~! ”“Despair…” Mika mumbled quietly, crossing her arms before staring defiantly at Monocat. ”In response, the huge screen turned off, and returned to its original place inside… “Were they all murdered by the same person, Monocat? Soon, everyone began talking all at once, but I remained quiet, unsure. “Let’s first discuss Aiel’s murder.” Eugene decided. “Those headphones we found in the trash in the Biotechnology room… His brow was still furrowed, but he wasn’t denying it anymore. But be careful, majority is always what matters here in the trial of life and death! I actually felt kind of sorry for him as he stammered, “S-she… “That was the most undignified method of travel I have ever experienced in my current life.” The princess then began to fix her hair moodily. ”Apparently, everyone else had forgotten about Mika – and the other two who had missed the first trial. ” Jenita purred semi-innocently, a smirk on her normally cheerful face.

I should’ve resisted.“I shouldn’t really stay here though…” I muttered, glancing at the pamphlet they gave me. With a groan, I slapped my forehead in exasperation. ”When I examined the room, I found a clock near the top of the blackboard, and some sort of security camera near the blackboard. A beeping sound soon started, and I blinked rapidly. His amazing ability to find loopholes and hidden clues in pretty much everything have proven to be very crucial in pretty much all of the cases he’s taken part in. Would like to stay in the presence of a potential killer? We all turned to each other, distrust and confusion radiating off most of us in waves. ” Reymon jumped to the question before me, glancing at the girl suspiciously. Eugene laughed heartily behind me, slapping my back humorously. ”“Hehehe, yeah…” I began to smile; maybe we wouldn’t need to be afraid of each other. the stage, apparently, while a Monocat walked out from behind a nearby column. Once you all get down and dirty and kill everyone, you’ll understand my point of view! Standing across the room, in front of a stand, was a… An ornate golden photo frame, standing atop a tall golden pole. “It wouldn’t be fair to leave poor Arfel, Aiel and Hunny out of the school trial, now, would it? A rabbit passed by my feet, sniffing around, and I shuddered as the rabbit sniffed near my soles, its head entering the hole where I usually put my leg through. He was standing near Monocat, about two stands away from the stand directly in front of Monocat. His eyebrows were knitted with anxiety as he leaned forward. ” I’m pretty sure everyone selected Joshua De Vera in a heartbeat. Joshua De Vera killed Andriella Pardilla, Arfel Catipay, and Hunny Laurente! she called me out that night…” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- FB: helloooo, joshua! “Why, even the common is.” I commented, trying to lighten the mood. “It’s a horse drawn carriage in the Philippines, similar to the royal carriages back in Palekaiko. Soon, the rest of the class was running towards the clinic, whose door was, oddly enough, closed. I’m sorry.” Dara mumbled, closing her laptop before standing up and patting Paula on the shoulder. The Fangirl covered her grin with her sleeve as she continued, “I mean, judging from that fire, I’m purretty sure that-““I DIDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE HER UNDERWEAR.” Justine said loudly, silencing the catlike girl.

“This year, we at Axiom Science High School have decided to allow one student entry by a lottery draw with all the names of each and every one of the country’s regular high school students. ” With a wave of her paw, she continued, “You bastards are all filled with genius talent, yes? And it is this school’s duty to cultivate your talents for better use, yes? He is also a star archer; he's won various archery competitions as a kid.“There’s no such thing as titanium diamond alloy-“ a way to get out of here, you know.”I’m pretty sure my ears died the moment everyone else screamed, “WHAT IS IT?! ” Monocat spun around dizzily at the simultaneous scream for a few moments. Maximum of eight classmates killed at a time, my pretties~! “T-the toy e-exploded…” Monocat popped out, her dual colored face grinning maliciously at us as she unsheathed her claws, her face darkening. If it wasn’t so freaking terrifying, I would’ve said that she was on her period or something. BODY #2: ARFEL CATIPAY FOUND IN: MAIN BUILDING, 2 FLOOR, BIOTECHNOLOGY ROOM What I saw with Arfel’s body made me shudder. I honestly had no idea there was a bathroom on the second floor, and apparently the other boys had no idea too, because they looked just as confused as I did. The water also had an unmistakable tinge to it; it was mixed with blood. Only Pau was brave enough to move forward; she ran right up to Joshua’s body, and collapsed, holding what was left of his upper body in her arms and sobbing. If we weren’t sure before, we were definitely sure now. “Wait, what do you mean-“She didn’t really get a chance to finish her sentence after the tubes descended on us. The girls who were wearing skirts were screeching as the wind made their skirts flare up, while the boys who passed by said girls were trying their hardest to cover their eyes lest they became on the receiving end of their wraths.

You, Mister Alelis, have been chosen this year as our lucky student, and we invite you into Axiom Science High School as the Super High School Level Good Luck student.” Well, in other words, they’re just calling me really lucky. Walking over to the windows, I attempted to pull one off, only to yelp when my fingers nearly bent back from the effort. Either way, they were both bad thoughts, and I discarded them, glancing at the clock. Then, with a shake of her head, she replied, “I have established the beautiful rule called ‘graduation’! ” to be kidding me.”“I already told you, I am a very truthful kitty! ” Mika’s voice rang out to the rulebreaker, and he turned around, looking at her questioningly. ”With the grace of a ballerina in a tar pit, Bonn tossed Monocat into the air, and… The dust choked me, and I coughed, attempting to wave away the smoke. “Do you understand now that harming the principal is very un-kupo of you~?! ” Mika twirled one of the long strands of hair that adorned the sides of her face. The camera soon panned to the trail of blood next to the sink, and then…Hunny’s body was like Arfel’s – slack against the floor, but this time she was facing upwards, which gave us a really horrifying view of her face. I had my hoodie on, so it wasn’t a problem; I just had to hang onto it until we ended up on the surface.

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