Dating advice for black man

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If she likes it and looks and feels beautiful, he loves it. Whenever we see a trend or hear a reoccurring theme in one area or another we want to let you know.

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Because of the broken communication between Black men and Black women, each party is left frustrated and hopeless.

Whether we are speaking with the client or their potential matches, there are definitely some common questions from Black men who want to know more about a Black woman who may be a potential match.

For those wondering what’s on the minds of men, we are giving you the inside scoop on what our Black men are really want to know about dating a Black woman. The natural hair movement is here to stay, but Black women (natural or relaxed) don’t want to get their hair wet.

Many Black men tell us they want a woman they can bring around their friends but who can also represent them well with the right amount of professionalism and sexy whether it’s accompanying them to a work event or going out on a romantic night on the town.

Cliché, but sadly, still a true question they do emphasize.

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