Dating eamil ru

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And the worst thing is, this scam is not even new; its variant dates back to 1920s when it was known as ' The Spanish Prisoner' con.Most of us dream of hitting it big, quitting our jobs and retiring while still young enough to enjoy the fine things in life.This will teach the spam filters to recognize—and filter away—similar messages in the future.

Once you realize you have been suckered into paying 00 to a con man, they are long gone with your money. If you are thinking about applying for a “pre-approved” loan or a credit card that charges an up-front fee, ask yourself: “why would a bank do that?

Yet people still fall for this money transfer con game.

They will use your emotions and willingness to help against you.

These phishing emails and web pages resemble legitimate credit authorities like Citibank, e Bay, or Pay Pal.

They frighten or entice you into visiting a phony web page and entering your ID and password.

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