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Once you press send, all that’s left to do is wait and wonder whether you were funny enough, flirty enough and cool enough to get the response you want. By getting creative with just a few simple templates, you can become a texting pro.

Here are some great texts that are sure to capture your crush’s interest. D., psychiatrist and author of recommends this approach because you show your crush that you’re thinking of him, but the pressure’s off.

This means no fan to fail or worry about, and no noise! That was a deal-breaker with previous models out there.* Unlike the others I have seen, the tilt option is something different and useful that I like a lot.* Those are not that expensive.

is quite reasonable.* NOT impressed with the color temp.

Note they are also 80w Yes they are double sided, total of 16 chips. I can't honestly say but I do like the results The first ones you listed look to be identical (there is a small section in there about rotating to LHD or RHD position)Something I didn't mention which is a nice touch, they have put heatsink paste (similar to that used for computer processors) on the threads of the heatsink For reference these appear to be the same items direct from the Chinese suppliershttps://

So you’ve exchanged numbers, you’ve chatted a few times in person and now you’re ready to take it to the next level with your crush.

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“This one is more overtly flirty, and it grabs my attention because it's more suggestive,” Emmett says.

Mine came from here and admittedly weren't cheap.(both more expensive & cheaper options were available)The packaging does however smack of a quality product (& yes they will be Chinese sourced) and the instructions are in reasonably clear Chinglish (although the seller had added their own sheet of A4 with notes around the filament positioning.

What I like about this style is when you compare them to a standard H4 Halogen bulb, the positioning of the leds lines up nicely as does the inclusion of the shield for the dipped section.

The beam pattern looks pretty much identical to standard with no scatter and also I didnt get any oncoming vehicles flashing me or people in front slapping on the fog lights (ie the traditional indications you've annoyed someone)The light is just brighter & whiter and out on some unlit country roads it was almost like driving in daylight.

I've seen some conversions where you lose some of the foreground light but that isn't the case here Thanks for the info and photos!!

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