Dating for ametuars Pron chat sexy

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The women will then lead them to believe that they’re so attractive that they want them to perform a striptease on Skype.

They then record the video, play it back to the horrified guy and tell him that if he doesn’t pay them a large sum of money, they’ll ruin his reputation by posting it on porn and social media sites. Sham marriage If you’re approached by a foreigner who wants your hand in marriage in order to get a visa and offers you money in exchange, don’t think this is an easy way to make money, as the authorities are on the prowl for sham marriages.

Stop trying to please them."I listened to grandmothers: Feed a cold, starve a fever, finish what's on your plate and don't go near the water until an hour after lunch.

I listened to grandfathers: Don't believe everything you hear, don't admit to anything unless asked, and remember only fools brag about luck with the ponies or money in the bank.

The amount of money people lose in these scams makes the We Chat scammers look like amateurs.

Some people have reportedly lost tens of thousands and one woman even claims to have lost 0,000, according to the National Crime Prevention Council’s Scam Alert website. Nude video extortion scam This rather steamy scam usually involves men being sent messages by attractive young women on social networking sites.

Some will claim they’re sending a gift to the victim, who will then need to pay the “courier company” some money to retrieve it.

Others will be kidnapped or land in hospital and need money to get help.

If you’re caught, you can be fined up to ,000 and/or jailed for up to 10 years.

But before meeting up, the girls ask for money, the most common request being to buy Alipay or i Tunes credits.

Some men are unsuspecting enough to pay multiple times before realising they’ve been duped.

Image: Maxim Lupascu / 123rf In Singapore, the relationship between love and money is a bit too close for comfort.

First dates are often filled with excessive talk of careers and income, while a marriage proposal is usually a sign that it’s time to pick up the keys to your BTO flat.

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