Dating for forty somethings

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Plus, they now can treat all skin types and most hair colors, although it's still not good for blond or white.

Treatment sessions run anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

But you also don't want it to be too apparent that you do. Companies like Kiehls now market facial masks to men as much as to women. But man, I think I'm starting to look like a withering piece of fruit. By blocking them, the muscles can relax, and the wrinkles that lock into place as you get older — like the "11" between my brows — ease up. I can feel the nerves dying, curling into themselves like when you spray weed killer on a dandelion in your driveway. Pearlman's assistant is wiping my face and smiling like I'm a little boy whose face is dirty. Veneers are the quickest way to fix your teeth, whether they're yellow, crooked, or anything less than the size of Chiclets. Michael Apa, a full set of veneers — usually the upper ten teeth, since those are most often visible — can be added in a week (two two-hour appointments and a couple follow-ups).

They say it provides a deeper clean than face wash. I'm all for growing old with dignity, but maybe not this fast. Pearlman tells me that a lot of men are doing this now and that their expectations are much greater than women's. She told me to think about men who wore their faces with dignity. And they don't actually look like Chiclets now: Guys like Apa often hand-design teeth to look like your own, only perfecter. You'll have to see your dentist three times a year instead of two, and as for cost, expect to spend the same as you would for a semester at a private college.

With all the things a man can do, it's gotten nearly impossible to determine which things he should. Or if you happen to be rich, Sisleum for Men Revitalizer (5;

According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, three effective ingredients are polyphenols (to reduce redness and swelling), coenzyme Q10 (to repair damaged skin cells and bind to harmful waste products in your skin and push them to the surface, where they can shed), and alpha hydroxy acids (to help your skin shed evenly and promote even skin tone).

More likely, we're just realizing the truth: Over-the-counter whiteners don't work all that well.

But there's really no telling.) When it was finally time to leave, my teeth were gleaming — like fresh-fallen snow in a nuclear winter.

It's a testament to the human body's ability to adapt to change — and a reason to wonder about going back next year. Because while you don't want to look like you ignore your hands or feet, you also don't want to look like you pamper them.

For any body part you wouldn't be comfortable exposing at a church picnic, no waxing. If you feel like paying for something you can do at home, by all means.

Six sessions will get you a lot less and a lot finer hair, but remember: It does not completely get rid of hair. The laser seeks pigment, and it can't tell the difference between hair and skin.

There is really only one rule for your eyebrows: They shouldn't touch in the middle. In fact, some experts, like groomer of famous people Ramy Gafni, encourage it. Lay a comb along one side of your nose, then the other.

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