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Because of the relationship between limestone and clay, the clay possesses many of the chemical compounds and nutrients that add to the uniqueness of the terroir; including calcium, p H and other trace minerals, that along with the CEC, help the soils to retain water and feed the vines. Emilion compares to Pomerol and the other important appellations in Bordeaux; The terroir and soil of Bordeaux St. One of the top examples with sand in their terroir is Canon La Gaffeliere. Emilion wine also comes from estates located on sandy soils and close to Pomerol in the Corbin sector. At this point in time, Chateau Corbin is one of the better estates from those sectors.

In large part, the combination of the soils in Saint Emilion, and the percentages of grape varieties, are what determines The difference between Right Bank wines and Left Bank wine Pairing St.

Emilion: The links located to the left of the page lead to all the best St. You can read wine tasting notes , detailed profiles and detailed histories of the estates, details on the wines, wine making, soils and other important information, as well as view images of the following top Bordeaux value wine producers.

You can find details on some of the less familiar but interesting St.

Emilion, images, technical information on wine making, terroir, soil, profiles, photographs, classifications and more with Saint Emilion wine buying tips and detailed information on the Saint Emilion appellation and its wines.

If you want to read about other Bordeaux wine producers in different Bordeaux appellations: Links to all Bordeaux Wine Producer Profiles If you are interested in learning more about Bordeaux wine, we offer numerous articles on everything about Bordeaux wine, from a history of the Bordeaux region and the famous 1855 Classification, the grapes used to produce Bordeaux wine and even vintage summaries covering Bordeaux wine from 1900 to today: All About Bordeaux Wine Guide Map of Bordeaux St-Emilion Chateau The best Chateaux, wine, vineyards and producers in St.

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Emilion wines, their character and style, top ten facts about Saint Emilion, history, classification system, producer and chateaux listings with links to pages on every important property in the Saint Emilion wine producing region with Saint Emilion wine tasting notes, histories of the best properties, wine and food pairing tips for St.

Emilion wine with food: The wine of Saint Emilion comes in a wide range of styles. Emilion is part of what makes it so easy to pair with such a diverse range of foods and cuisines. Emilion wines make perfect pairings with beef, roasted, grilled, braised and stewed.

Game, chicken, veal, pork, cassoulet and fish, depending on how it was prepared.

Clay soils can contain a high, CEC, also known as Citation Exchange Capacity.

That CEC is important as it allows the soil to help bring more nutrients into the grape vines.

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