Dating laws in kentucky

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However, if you have children that have never resided in the state of Kentucky, Kentucky may lack jurisdiction to decide custody and you may need to file in the state in which the children reside.To begin the divorce process a party needs to file a Petition, Family Case Data Sheet, Civil Summons and a VS-300, which is a vital statistics form that is filed with the state.

If Kentucky is your home state, then it may be possible to file a petition in the state of Kentucky for dissolution of marriage.There are several options available to a party if it is difficult to serve the other party.It is possible to use a sheriff or process server to serve the other party.In Kentucky, maintenance is an award that is solely at the discretion of the court.In order to award maintenance, the court must make a finding that the party seeking maintenance (1) lacks sufficient property to provide for their reasonable needs; and (2) is unable to support themselves through reasonable employment.

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