Dating light cords

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The first purchasable/mass-produced scanner was the Coemar Robot, first produced in 1986.

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These lights were also fitted with mirrors and made for an impressive light show for a Pink Floyd Gig in London.Vari-Lite retroactively named the original system "series-100".The Original Vari-Lite console was retroactively named the "series 100 console" and the original Vari-Lite was retroactively named the "VL-1 Spot Luminaire".Another fixture known as the 'Cycklops' was also used for music in the USA, although it was limited in terms of capabilities.With only pan, tilt, and color functions, and at 1.2 meters long and weighing in at 97 kilograms including the ballast, they were heavy and cumbersome.

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