Dating of old testament books

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They checked and rechecked their work, to make sure it perfectly matched.What the New Testament writers originally wrote is preserved better than any other ancient manuscript.The other two books were written by Mark and Luke, close associates of the apostles.

"In all, Luke names thirty-two countries, fifty-four cities and nine islands without an error." Archaeology has also refuted many ill-founded theories about the Bible. It was pre-Mosaic; not only that, but it was pre-Abraham (2,000 B. It preceded Moses' writings by at least three centuries."Over 20,000 tablets, many containing law similar to the Deuteronomy law code.It shows us how to live with purpose and compassion. It encourages us to rely on God for strength, direction, and enjoy his love for us.The Bible also tells us how we can have eternal life.We can be more certain of what we read about Jesus’ life and words, than we are certain of the writings of Caesar, Plato, Artistotle and Homer.Four of the writers of the New Testament each wrote their own biography on the life of Jesus.

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