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The caretaker had imbibed from the left-over kegs into the The large crevices m the limestone buildings, caused by oxidation decay, became the haven for bats--you might call it the college "bat roost." These creatures would fly through the corridors in the evening with th e greatest of ease. The restroom for women was on the second floor of the building. The French doors and windows invited chilled air during the wintertime while the antiquated space heaters furnish ed very little heat and emitted noxious fumes. Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Order of the Coif, Harlan Society. LOOKING BACK ea rly wee hours of the morning; it was thought he was dead for sure. Mary's University of San Antonio developed and became established in San Antonio.'*' In addition, the Society of Mary operates schools throughout the world. Faculty of Founding Law School Many members of the San Antonio Law School, which had been loca ted in the Bexar County Court House, transferred and continued teaching at the new St. Top , left to right: Dixon Gulley, Judge Raymond Gerhardt, Arley V. 112 College Street (now La Mansion del Rio Hot el) in the 1870s. Boatwright James Otis Herrington Arthur William Jordin Francis Cullen Sullivan William Wright Tupper Bruce Waitz C lass of 1942 Charles E. The geographic areas are as follows: United States--Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin; Aridjan , Africa; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Columbia; Congo; Strasbourg, France; Germany; India; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Korea; Nairobi; North Africa; P eru; Puerto Rico; Spain; Switzerland; Togo; Tunisia and Zambia. "The one (bui lding) on the east served for classrooms, while on the west (above) a group of odd-shaped structures with lean-to attachments served as kitchen, dining room, storerooms and the like .. Trees were planted between and around the buildings and scattered generous ly over most of the rest of the property. From the very beginning and through the early 1900s many prominent San Antonians, South Texans, and nationals from Mexico were educated by the Society of Mary. Fred Zalmanzig, as a young student, proposed th e idea of St. Zalmanzig pursued his wild idea achiev ing resu lts. Mary's University of San Antonio now proposes, with the approval of the Bar, to establish a school of law of university grade, which will better serve that need from the standpoints of the student, the Bar, and the general public; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the San Antonio Bar Association shall discontinue the San Antonio School of Law at such time as may be fixed by the Board of Governors of the school, not later than October 1, 1934, and hereby expresses its approval of the proposed school of law of St. While the library had been airconditioned, with window units financed by members of the San Antonio Bar, the ·A corporation spearheaded by Father Blume, Ernest Raba, Joe Kenny '37, and Jack Beretta, prominent engineer and banker. As an expression of appreciation for his leadership and support of the Law School, Room 101 of the law lecture hall was named in Mr. His dedication to the school is remembered with a law lecture hall named in his honor. MARY ' S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW 1935-1981 REGISTER OF GRADUATES ST. From these early efforts what is now known as Central Catholic High School and St. Th e School of Law took over the administration of the San Antonio School of Law in 1934. Mary's University of San Antonio, and hereby authorizes the president of the association to appoint an advisory committee of the Bar to cooperate with the University in the establishment and maintenance of the proposed school of law." Father Rabe was a Kentucky gentleman, beloved and admired by everyone. At the time he was approached by Fred Zalmanzig to open a school of law, the Th e Administrative Offices were loca ted to the left of the en try hall; the street floor on the right, the second floor of the oblong building, and the second floor of the small cen ter building housed classrooms; the lower floor of the laller served as a spartan Student Lounge and Fa cu lty Offices. La Mansion Del Rio is built surrounding the River Garage. Lang's honor on the seventeenth annual Law Day, April 26, 1973. MARY' S UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW 1935-1981 Class of 1935 George J.

Accordingly, much of the information contained in this work is a result of personal knowledge. M., deceased, a noted historian who authored "The Society of Mary in Texas," "Texas Statecraft," and " Thus They Lived." This history is restricted to the years 1927 through May 31, 1981. L eopold Harold Gill R euschlein *Indicates yea r of a ppointment to St. Edwin Morgan Schmidt Professor of Law and Associate Dea n at St. Mary's Law School story and its planned tomorrow.

A long the section bordering on the river Edel had his justly famous " French Gardens.' " Jo seph William Schmitz, S. new offices and rooms marked the first time that the downtown school had central heat and cooled air.

But most of the classrooms still had no air conditioning and there was very little breeze in the downtown area . A., 1967, ].0., 1970, University of Texas at Austin; LL.

Brother Edel was the first director of the small pioneer school. David Paul, 1981-present IN THE DEPTHS OF THE DEPRESSION - AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM While banks were closing doors in San Antonio, St. At a time when Writs of Scrip were being issued, St. This was disbursed to the law faculty for compensation. Mary's School of Law celebrated its first graduating class. After retirement the judge joined the faculty of the Law School and remained until his death on October 21, 1969.

They came by boat to Galveston, and then by stagecoach to San Antonio. The year 1937-38 showed a slight improvement with a gross of ,276.75. In 1964 Judge Norvell received the coveted annual Rosewood Gavel award.

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