Dating staffordshire figurines

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They represented a wide variety of subjects but those of noted celebrities and actors and actresses were especially popular.This represents the Scottish hero and patriot Sir William Wallace (1272-1305) who won the great battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 but was defeated by Edward I at Falkirk.It used a three part mould and was designed to stand against the wall, eliminating the need to decorate the back. Over 5,000 different moulds were made at this time: over 110 different portraits, 60 versions of Queen Victoria, 50 of Prince Albert, 17 of Nelson, religious, musical, Back not Decorated " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ Flatback2.jpg?

In most cases, the identity of the individual potters is unknown. This exhibition is from the private collection of Myrna and Benzion Schkolne from Winston-Salem, and continues the story of one phase of English pottery into the nineteenth century.What to Collect Because there is such a range of figures, most collectors concentrate on specific areas.More affordable areas are: religious, decorative figures of unknown people and occupations.More expensive or established areas are: portrait, royalty, theatre, politicians, military, Crimean War, sports, pairs of dogs and animals.Some things to consider when collecting: Dogs Reproductions and Fakes There are many reproductions and fakes in existence.

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