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Small piece of work such as lace making, were acceptable items to occupy one’s time with, while visiting, and could be brought to a friend’s house for a cosy bit of work over tea and conversation.At the time when tatting was introduced in England, Netting was already a popular past time and many ladies, including Queen Anne, Queen Charlotte and Madame Pompadour chose to be painted with or holding their netting shuttles. Then, raising the third and fourth fingers of the left hand with the loop upon them, pull up the loop, stretching the thread tightly in so doing by extending the fingers. 490 and 491).—The Josephine picot or purl, as it is also called in tatting, consists of a series of single or half knots formed of the first knot only.

It enabled her to show off her industriousness, good taste and delicate hands.

 We are acknowledged for our speedy and efficient delivery service. This is beyond our control and we fully appreciate any frustration when items don't arrive when ex... All delivery costs are provided on each listing for the services we offer This sale is for an old metal tatting shuttle with a hook, in good condition. If you want anyore information on item before you make your purchase please just email me and i will get back to you as soon as i can Aerlit tatting shuttle with 2 bobbins-boysenberry.

Wooden tatting shuttle handcrafted with fine grain. I have found this shuttle in some old asian basket of vintage and antique stuff so i don't know much about this shuttle.

Imitation tatting can be purchased, but nothing beats the real item.

Costume designer Andrea Galer supports this dying craft as she uses handmade lace in her items.

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