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I do have a story from a couple of years ago when I did step in to break up a fight between a western guy and his Thai girlfriend. A Western guy was arguing with his Thai girlfriend and eventually started slapping her around a little bit right there at the bar.So I stepped in to break it up, as I did all the bar staff rushed to me to stop me from confronting the guy and getting involved.Upon arrival at a Thai immigration checkpoint, you’ll simply have an entry stamp (not a regular visa) stamped onto a page of your passport.This little square stamp displays both the “date of arrival” and an “admitted until” field, showing the date when you are due to leave.This is the story of how I filmed the fight in Bangkok video.

The thing is if it came to a fight (the guy was wild with anger) I would probably have been fighting both the western guy and his Thai girlfriend.

If I flick through my terrestrial Thai TV channels I can quickly find horribly overdubbed films with gratuitous violence, and even sex scenes at anytime of the day! As I said, if for example the girl in the original video was on the floor helplessly being kicked, or really bashed around bloodily then I would have put the camera down and been forced to step in.

It’s unbelievable the lack of TV censorship here, I sometimes doubt if there is even a watershed. I did follow to Soi 7 after the chase part where 2 traffic police diffused the situation at the time.

I could have ended up in hospital with a knife wound for what?

Acting on my moral judgement in a country 5873 miles away from my homeland?

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