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Now, go to Grouper’s website and read their much sexier description of the whole thing.When you’re on the site, you’ll also notice instagrams of lots of attractive, happy people having a blast together. You are supposed to take pics of your amazing date and send them to Grouper.I mean, when I am at bars, I am usually with my friends, and not focused on finding guys.

Now I know for myself and other individuals I’ve talked to, the results are not always stellar.And also, don’t try to lighten the mood with a smiley emoticon. It’s nice to know that everyone’s going into this thing with a proverbial gun to their head. Either, we were literally going to be on a date with N’s cousin OR N’s cousin was going to be watching us HAVE a date. The guys were around our age bracket (younger than me, but older than G) and very nice, funny, and down to earth. I think both sides were much more relaxed than if this were a regular, one on one date.We were really hoping for the latter over the former. When we got to the bar after a little healthy pregaming, we were relieved. From the GROUPERGRAM photos, we were pretty sure we were going to get some bros, but these guys reminded me of people I’d be friends with. I really enjoy G and N, so I was pretty confident I’d have a good time even if the guys were lame.If for some (epic) reason canceling is absolutely unavoidable, you’ll need to CALL the other group to explain yourself.Call us first at, and we’ll put you in touch with the guys to cancel.

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