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but you’d damn well better know how to impress her with your words if you’re hoping to make that OKCupid love connection.

Now, I’ve shared my thoughts about how a man looking for love online should best go about filling out his dating profile.

Running a contest on Facebook presents a wonderful opportunity to reach more potential fans, and grow your social media following.

By following some of these best practices — you’re sure to have a successful …

Jennifer: Clearly, he’s got more talents than just writing and acting if he can pull off an overly dramatic “Separate Ways” performance.

Well, as it turns out: that all depends on who you’re looking for.This isn’t terribly surprising; men tend to be visually oriented, while women tend to be intellectually and emotionally oriented in the mate-selection process.Now, this isn’t to say that how you look important…But as with my previous article, sometimes those theories need to be put to the test.And how better to test them out than with the gracious help of my readers.

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