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It may be strange, but this new era of Spiderman is off to a good start. Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy and probably there to help exposition, but it does illustrate one of the themes of this story.The whole issue is about Otto trying and failing to separate himself from who he used to be.As the title suggests, the series will indeed restore the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and even bring back their long-lost child, who was at various points in Spidey continuity stillborn, alive and in the hands of Green Goblin, a grown-up superhero in her own right, and completely forgotten.In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Slott described the series as a kind of meditation on Peter Parker's responsibility (the great responsibility, you know, the one that goes with the great power), not just as a superhero, but as a husband and a father. Though many were forced to wait in horror for two weeks and anyone enjoying my blog enough to be upset had to suffer another one, we now have issue #1 of The Superior Spider-Man. Now that we know who Spiderman is, what makes him so “superior”.

I can see Grady not noticing Peter being a little short with him, but Max not noticing his brilliant prodigy designer starting to call him Modell at the same time that he begins designing scarier weapons?

Fortunately for everyone still mourning the loss of the Parker/Watson marriage, Marvel's upcoming event sets the stage for a return.

Because the event features many different realities and timelines colliding, the publisher and its various creators have the chance to try new things and resurrect old favorites, and current tie-in series that will be drawn by Adam Kubert.

I know Max has to consider Horizon’s bottom-line, but, even if you don’t think, ‘maybe Peter’s been taken over by a mad scientist’, I’m pretty sure it’s your job to notice when your employees have sudden violent changes in personality, Mr. MJ even notes that he’s started drinking, a major Peter Parker warning sign.

While she’s likely to turn on him next issue, she should already be clued in that something’s wrong.

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