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In September 1997, two friends, who sought on repairing their relationship with their fathers, plan a fishing trip with their fathers in Mexico.

In April 1997, Warren Macdonald heads for the remote island of (Hinchinbrook) off the coast of Queensland, where he meets Geert, a Dutch man stranded on a deserted beach.

He returns to his companion after a talk with some tourists, and they both eventually survive seven avalanches and a large crevasse together.

A passing aircraft sees his SOS signal, but the pilot damages the landing gear while landing.

On their way there, they miss the sign that leads them to the city, and instead drive down into a remote region in Northern Nevada, where they become stuck for eight days until Jim walks to Vya for rescue.

In December 1981, three young friends, Yossi Ghinsberg (Israeli), Kevin Gale (American) and Markus Stamm (Swiss), go to the Bolivian Amazon, where they encounter Karl Ruprechter, a man with promises of an Indian village.

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