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Various techniques exist to speed up test execution, including running them in parallel over many machines and using test doubles for slow remote services.

But this article will focus on reducing the number of tests to run, by identifying those most likely to identify a newly added bug.

Too few and too many tests executed at the same time is a strong possibility for running one suite only - a wasteful use of computing esources and time, that also risks letting a bug slip through.

And quite often even those fall into disrepair, which is inevitable when shift right becomes normal for a dev team.In this article, I detail an emerging field of testing-related computer science where Microsoft is leading the way, a field that companies with long test automation suites should take note of. NET, you have to be able to engineer something yourself fairly cheaply.You may be able to benefit from Microsoft's advances around "Test Impact Analysis" immediately, if you are in the . A former employer of mine engineered something themselves based on proof of concept work that I share below.To complete the picture, I will recap the traditional "run a subset of the tests" strategies, that remain dominant in the industry.Well, with the newer reality of parallel test execution and service virtualization.

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