Egypt dating age 17

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For instance, this is the case with the Egyptian temple of Isis in Denderah, a temple build as a copy of more ancient temples.When the altar was hit by the beam, the Sirius star was thought to be transformed into Sothis (Sirius) as a star god, i.e. On the basis of the same understanding a similar principle was already involved in connection with previously mentioned Hatshepsut's Temple of Hathor, which with its axis directed at the line of winter solstice (cf.This is except on the Senmut star map where it is shown in quite another version.

His discovery was first published in 1984 (in the Magazine 'Stjernerne') - and later added further scientific details, now published as the treatise: "Dating Egypt's Oldest Star Map", in "Centaurus Magazine of The History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology" (Vol. Sirius's Heliacal rising) that the light would travel down the temples' main corridor and reach the innermost sanctum of the temple.Pleiades are called seven in number, but only six can be seen ...".Around the world, in many countries and localities, - which in prehistoric times may appear to have had some kind of connection - this constellation is, in addition, often called "the young women" or "girls".The biblical Job text - mostly in archaic Hebrew and 3,500 years of age - could contain an extra allusion. These stars are designated the watery bodies, the humids, - and this group of stars is marking the season of rain or flood In all ancient Mediterranean civilizations the Pleiades were important in use in the agricultural calendars.It may be showing a lingering loss of the 7th Pleiad which apparently failed to remain being fixed on the firmament: "... Transatlantic versions of constellations: It is a fact that reminiscences of our well-known zodiac system were found with the Mayas - prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in Central America in 1492.

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