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De Kalb County Schools is home to 305 state championships dating as far back as the 1938 literary state title won by Lithonia.

Clarkston won the first athletic state championship in 1940, as the boys basketball title came home to De Kalb County Schools.

If the vapors from these products are sprayed into a bag, empty pop can or container and then breathed in, this is called "bagging".

Lastly, the vapors can be sprayed or poured onto a cloth or piece of clothing (say, a sock) and inhaled deeply or put into the mouth, a practice called "huffing".

However, Chan's praise for the air quality – in a city infamous for its pollution – isn't his most outrageous moment in the face of Chinese public opinion.

Below are some of Jackie Chan's most controversial recent blunders.

He has received death threats from hate groups, and there's already a religious group protesting the site's existence in Hong Kong.

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Lakeside leads the way with 41 state titles, with Dunwoody a distant second with 28 state titles to the school’s credit.These products are cheap, you can find them in your home or buy them at any local grocery, hardware or variety store, and they are easy to hide.The 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse revealed that the primary population of inhalant abusers is the 12 to 17 age group, followed by the 18 to 25 year old population.The school district went 11 years without a title until Druid Hills won the 1951 boys track title to start a string of 48 consecutive years with at least one state title coming home to De Kalb County Schools.The streak ended in 1999 as no state titles were won, and a new streak began in 2001 as Lakeside won the boys tennis title to start the current streak of 17 school years.

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