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We know, they totally look like they could be in a Noxzema commercial, right?

Already a rising star for her work in "The Crush" (1994) and in Aerosmith's best comeback videos, her highest-profile role since was in 1997's "Batman & Robin," as "Batgirl." She has continued to act in many films, is an accomplished stage actress, and is one of Hollywood's most outspoken animal-rights activists and proponents of a vegan diet.Elisa is also a mother to one-year-old, Scarlett, and just recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Charlie Bigelow. Brianne is the Online Managing Editor for Viva Glam Magazine. [But], I had no idea who they were before they came to the set. ” I was expecting them to be 12-years-old and I was making fun of them the whole day before they arrived. When I told them, Justin [Timberlake] responded, “You’re making fun of us? ” I said, “You are 100% correct.” We became buddies and we went out with them a lot. We shot at an old insane asylum way out in the valley. She loves to interview musicians, actors, and comedians. When I was pregnant, I felt like there was a lot of information about all the great things. She had such a vision and it was so smart and funny. As soon as I saw it the first time with Alicia [Silverstone], Brittany [Murphy], and Justin [Walker], I watched it and went, “Oh my G-d! This is going to be huge.” I told Alicia she was going to be famous very soon., the series.

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