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We are desensitized to violence, and we have a generation of people that do not have the coping skills necessary to deal with reality.

Firearms are the Pandora’s Box of the United States.

Ken Adachi] to censor-free Seen Life @Seen_Life the NO-censorship, NO-spy, NO-data mining alternative to Facebook. ranked Number 2 on Alexa listing of top 500 Science Anomalies and Alternative Science web sites (Archived ~ page archived on Jan. 3, 2016) Ken [email protected] Adachi1 [Editor's Note re Linkedin invitations: I do not want to be a part of Linkedin or Facebook.You can’t blame an inanimate object that’s availability has absolutely no correlation to murder and expect to end violence.Stories published in our Daily Digests section are chosen based on the interest of our readers.They are republished from a number of sources, and are not produced by Mint Press News.The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Mint Press News editorial policy.

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