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It happened quickly and without warning, but my tongue was pressed hard into her ass when she came. And when she was done she straightened up, expecting it to be over, but I wasn’t done.

I pulled her into my face harder, causing her to involuntarily lean forward again.

My mother gasped as my tongue plunged inside of her.

I aggressively licked her up and down from behind, probing both her pussy and her anus.

My rod pounded in and out of her, faster and faster, steadily working both of us towards climaxing. THIS was the fuck that let us both know that every hole in her body was mine to take at any moment.

I never felt more manly, more respected, and more loved…

It ended with us in bed, me in top of her, my cock buried as far as her cervix would let me.

And as I came she caressed my trembling body, allowing me to fall, drained, into her arms and sleep.She lurched forward, bracing herself against the counter top.Maybe she was horny from not getting hers last night, or just not having been with a man in awhile, but it didn’t take long to make her cum.She was surprised by my forcefulness, but submitted to the feeling of my mouth on her clit. Panting, heavy breathing, low groans, louder moaning, then full on screaming as her body shook and she shoved her ass back into my face.I held on to her thighs and continued working her until she was finally done, And her body relaxed. My prick was now at full mast, and lined up perfectly with her back door.

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