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She speaks in a husky whisper, and often makes eye contact with a point in the distance.

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Behind the space was a bare office and Osakwe’s studio, where tailors bent over sketches and bolts of fabric. ” She led Zakariyau into a dressing room, where pieces from the latest collection hung on a rack.“You know the white top I sent you a message about? “You know I always send you multiple messages—‘I want this, I want this.’ ”Osakwe laughed. Osakwe, in a loose black tunic and pants, started pinning the top. “You’re just , and there’s nothing wrong with it.”“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it,” Osakwe said.One recent morning, while I was trying to hail a taxi on a busy avenue on the island, two men advised me that I’d probably get raped wearing what I had on: a shirtdress that fell a couple of inches above my knees.Osakwe is obsessed with the female form and seduction, subversive interests for a Nigerian woman. “I took anatomy classes, and I would always find more inspiration in female anatomy.On the island in the city’s center, where wealth and political power are concentrated, a twentysomething ad executive in a clingy dress is going with her friends to a club; if she doesn’t find a man she likes, she’ll text a friend, who is rich and good-looking, though not ready to settle down.The fact that there is church tomorrow is barely in the back of their minds.

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