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The "Relationship Expert" conducted the interview - nearly 2 hours long. Having recently suffered through a relationship break-up, I was quite vulnerable and the "Expert" was quick to pick up on this.The last question she asked before leaving the room to see if I would be approved was: "Which is more important to you - love or money!Yes they're a "dating service", but they're also money driven sales people!Not unlike a used car salesman, you'll feel dirty and disgusted with yourself 24hours after signing up because you overpaid. They take your money after promising you a membership contract "until you are married" and they show you photos of all these attractive people.What just cost you thousands of dollars could be purchased for hundreds. The only members who have contacted me look NOTHING like the people Carol in Atlanta showed me!!! I wish I had found this website before I gave them my money!! Their claims that the choices are better than on the free dating sites, that they offer these wonderful get togethers for folks in the area, and that they are more selective for you... First of all, you can't even do a search to see one or two people like you can with a Plentyof Fish or before joining.

You can find this business by geo coordinates: 33° 58' 54.5" N , 118° 27' 17.4" W. Great Expectations Video Dating Service owner is Ross/Treiger/Ritter Inc.All the sweet talk and bull is nothing but high pressure tactics taught at their Stuart, Florida training office.Please, someone look into shutting this business down in Florida.They suck you in right away when you walk in the place-the receptionists all look like Playboy playmates, and I was told by a nice-looking saleslady how many dates I would receive, and other bs.They required you pay upfront with a credit card, which I did on a Thursday or Friday.

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