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One partner will paint while the other will guide with their voice only through an obstacle course of hay bales, under/over bars, and through tires.One team must construct a backyard studio and a multi-functional piece of furniture, while the other team builds a bar lounge in the garage.The person who fails the competition will be cut from the show and their hero wins that week's house.Leaders who have the gold tag, the person who won the first competition, can either save someone or send someone to the competition. I'm in Atlanta, where a red-hot real estate market has made it impossible for many families to buy a home. Who will be competing to win a dream home of their own. They were the deserving families they were actually building for. I've been building a construction and home renovating empire for 30 years. Every week I will get the help of two experts to inspect their work. But just when they think they've lost it all, comes the surprise of a lifetime.


There aren't any Green or Gold teams, so the winner will choose the living room, loft or outside deck for their project.

The experts will judge the couples' work area with an extreme attention to detail.

For the grand finale, Mike takes the last two couples back to Marietta for their final renovation; a new build of their style.

Later, the experts inspect their work project by project with interior design, special projects, and art installation.

Mike trucks the couples even further into the country of Henry County and shows them a huge hoarders house on a large lot that they have to turn into a Victorian-style dream home.

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