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(In fact, this so-called "forking" is actively encouraged by the company.) But the fact remains that wiki How, emphatically a money-making enterprise, would be nearly worthless without its community of unpaid laborers.(This is true to some degree of almost all social networks and blogging platforms, Kinja included.) Jack Herrick, wiki How's founder, funded the site in part with money he made from buying and selling e How, a tutorial site whose business model differs from its successor's in one key sense: e How pays its writers and wiki How doesn't."That quacking duck is as loud as a foghorn," you say, and your friend replies, "What does a foghorn sound like? famously stilted illustrations, I make up for it, I hope, with clean copy and facility with the subject matter. Considering that wiki How's legions of contributors are doing unpaid and mostly thankless work in the service of a company that directly profits from their labor through advertising, my biggest question going into this experiment was not wiki How but wiki Why.Why spend your time writing lowest-common-denominator content with no guaranteed readers for a company that isn't even paying you?All of which adds up to a uniquely enchanting publishing voice, as evidenced by the frequency and enthusiasm with which particularly uncanny wiki How links are traded on Tumblr.But the reason for wiki How's existence—the millions of people searching Google for advice on issues from the laughably mundane to the heartbreakingly existential—is poignant.So the way we use content on e How is we paid people to write an article—freelance writers. And we realized it's not what's going to win long term. Wikipedia in 2004, when I was looking..not already the best encyclopedia, was on the path to being the best encyclopedia.

Therein lies the tension that makes wiki How so spellbinding.

With wiki How's neighborly spirit in mind, I set out to create the internet's most sincere and useful guide for verbally communicating about a very particular auditory phenomenon.

Here's what I came up with: You've found yourself in the company of friend who has never known a foghorn's sonorous bellow.

Rather than impose my own ego and biases onto wiki How, I headed to a section of the site that catalogs readers' requests for new tutorials, hoping to fulfill someone else's wish.

Amid "How to Start Your Own Clown Business," "How to Approach a Call Girl Through Texts," and "How to Show Your Parents the Benefits of Using wiki How," I found my prize: "How to Chase Lizards out of Your House: 13 Steps.") wiki How's guidelines for editors expressly advise that articles based on "joke topics" are subject for deletion, so if the community is policing itself as it should, we can assume that even the most bizarre of its pages were created unironically and in good faith.

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