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And the stations benefit from network tech resources as well as reporting that includes national and federal news sources.Full Story | Add comment taught him about local journalism: "We need a variety of experiments — for-profit, nonprofit, cooperative ownership and voluntary efforts.But details about how many of KMTR's roughly 50 employees would be affected by the changes, and when, were not available on Monday, as rumors circulated around town about layoffs at the station.Link | Add comment General Manager Bobby Edwards says the Fox affiliate in South Mississippi that also airs NBC on a subchannel will began producing local newscasts at 6 and 9 p.m. Link | Add comment When a deadly tornado touched down south of Oklahoma City the afternoon of Monday, May 20, TV stations once again contended with the all too familiar challenge of covering a disaster as victims came to grips with its devastating impact.“This brings everything into focus, both distant and near,” says the drug’s inventor, Herbert Kaufman of Sarasota, Fla. Light rays from distant objects are mostly parallel by the time they reach your eye. The brain combines the bright, blurry image from one eye with the sharp, dark image from the other to create an image that is both bright and sharp.A relaxed lens can focus these rays on the retina with no effort. In the study, which included 48 people, the drops improved near vision well enough to read without glasses in the first hour.But most light rays from nearby objects (closer than 30 feet) enter the eye at an angle. It can still process distant objects with its natural shape, however stiff it is. Instead, they allow only the central light rays to pass through. After that, the pupils gradually dilated, and vision declined over the next 10 hours, so the subjects had to put in new drops each morning.The lens has to change its shape to focus these rays on the retina. But a presbyopic lens can no longer change to focus peripheral rays from nearby objects. Seen through these artificial lenses, nearby objects are in focus, but distant objects are out of focus. The experimental new eyedrops combine two existing drugs, carbachol and brimonidine, which work together to temporarily constrict the pupil. Since these rays don’t hit the eye at multiple angles, the lens doesn’t need to change its shape. Kaufman hopes to find a drug company that will soon produce and market the eyedrops.

Link | Add comment Alexander joins the Corpus Christi, Texas, NBC affiliate from KVEO, the NBC affiliate in Brownsville, Texas.

Link | Add comment Amid all the expensive camerawork and sharp matching windbreakers on the major TV networks' coverage of Monday's tornado in Moore, Okla., the best dispatches largely came from local TV news.

Two of the most memorable clips were Emmy-winning KFOR reporter Lance West choking up via phone as he ran toward the demolished Plaza Towers Elementary School, and then again on-camera while standing in front of the ruins.

On the media side, there were lessons learned and applied as well.

Link | Add comment Can local TV news really fill the in the 21st century that local newspapers did in the 20th?

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