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The lawyers were questioning a controversial ruling by the Supreme Court which extended the responsibilities of local authorities when given power under the Act to “deprive people of their liberty”.Councils across the land have protested that this could increase the number of deprivation of liberty referrals from 10,000 a year to more than 112,000.She agreed that whenever Miss G had been allowed to speak in court, she had “consistently and firmly stated” that “C and F should continue to reside with her”, and that the council “and other professionals should leave her alone”.She also had “a particularly strong wish to remain in her own home” and not to be “placed in a care home”.Since starting her career, she has landed modeling gigs with companies such as Pac Sun, Tobi, LPA the label, and PRISM Boutique.She has modeled for Khloe Kardashian’s line, Good American, and has done some work for Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line, according to X17.

But just as alarming have been other very unhappy cases I have been following, where old people, against their wishes, have had to hand over control of all they possess to social workers and the courts.Her case was therefore put in the hands of the Official Solicitor, a state official.Redbridge had already taken control of her bank account, allowing her just £100 a week to live on; the barrister for the Official Solicitor, said by another lawyer to be earning £400 an hour (taken from Miss G’s savings), told the judge at one hearing that, because her money was running out, he could no longer represent her – even though, regardless of her wishes, he had seemed to act in complete accord with the local authority.Miss G had invited C and her husband “F” to live with her, because she was so unhappy at the “care” she had been given, at her own expense, by staff sent into her home by the local council, Redbridge.The council, alarmed to be told that Miss G was planning to leave her property to her new carers, moved to have her ruled as lacking “mental capacity” by the Court of Protection, despite a finding to the contrary by an eminent independent psychologist whom she had paid to examine her.

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