Men 60 dating girls 20 guide

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Relationships require sacrifice from both partners for the sake of harmony, so maybe it’s time you got re-acquainted with the things you’d been sacrificing now that you’re able.

Consciously go enjoy doing something you wouldn’t have done as part of a couple.

It would be next to impossible to write a ‘how to get over a breakup for guys' guide that covers every single contingency that leads to a split.

But what we’ve tried to do here is create a series of coping strategies, pick-me-ups and silver linings that should help you through the dark days until you see the inevitable light at the end of the tunnel.

You can help neutralize the jarring effects of this routine change by taking up a new hobby.

Pick something you’ve always had a passing interest in but never pursued.

Few life events can cause as much upheaval and pain as ending a relationship with someone you cared about.

People tend to naturally gravitate towards one “camp” or another after a break-up. Post-break-up, the once-mutual friendships you keep are organic and already battle-tested.

Maybe you want to use this time of reflection to hit the gym more or learn to be a better cook or learn to fix motorcycles.

Whatever you choose, pour some of that passion the strong emotions associated with the break-up have stirred up into a creation that you can be proud of.

Certain cases should be more obvious, for example, the friends each member of the former couple brought to the relationship generally side with their original friend.

It’s probably a good idea to avoid “custody” battles over friends with your ex.

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