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The writer-director speaks with Backstage about his inspiration for the project.Self-Care: An Actor’s Secret Weapon In performance, more than any other profession, self care is paramount.Nine bestselling authors come together in this collection of eight BRAND NEW, Halloween themed novellas.

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Her only hope is Phearson Mac Fie-a vampire pirate from another time.

We were laughing in every scene, and it was great that as an ensemble piece the story switched from character to character and dating event to dating event, maintaining the interest and momentum.

I sincerely hope that this film will go the multiplex cinemas, as my gal pals would love to see it.

Bonfires are also a feature of Walpurgis Night in central and northern Europe, and the celebrations on the eve of St. In Finland bonfires are tradition on Midsummer Eve and Easter, also in midst of May celebrations.

Bonfire traditions of early spring, lit on the Sunday following Ash Wednesday (Funkensonntag), are widespread throughout the Alemannic German speaking regions of Europe and in parts of France.

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