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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhi ladies.....................its be a while, im still here ttc af due tomo so we will see, im not gonna test yet, im so sick of seeing bfn, if any of you other girls are still around it would be lovely to here from you hey ladies well Im 16 weeks and 5 days gone. xxxxxxxxxspatzi.......................a very brave lady, my heart goes out to you, i wish you all the best and hope one day your pain will heal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi ladies, the baby is gone at 6 weeks 3 days! Even if it's not fully-grown, even it's a point only...

When we are together, I tried so hard not to show any emotions..whenever I am alone, I felt this emptiness, the pain of losing the baby.

Oh and for those ladies with positives (totally off subject) consider MODERN cloth diapers. Im not suppose to get my period for another 2 weeks. hi girls i hope you are all ok, nice to see you back, i have been checking this site for a while and thought you had all left me lol, well still no bfp for me, im on cd25 and 5dpo, i ovulated late this month as was poorly at expected ovulation, but i had my cb digi opk so that was a relief i knew when i was ovulating, fingers crossed for all of you, i had my iud removed 1 yr ago on the 14th oct, and im due on, on the 16th so im hoping that this is my month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks for remembering me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello ladies, it has been a while since i have written on here, and i see so much has happened. we were sent home with a babydancing schedule, and we FINALLY got a positive from the ovulation tests. My little one is now 5 1/2 weeks and she's such a pleasant baby. I hate to hear the news about your husband after waiting so long. I hope that your husband can see that there is always joy that comes with the miracle of life.

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Most data suggests that a woman regains fertility immediately after the removal of IUD. This was not my choice and up to now, I still feel devastated! Everything will be ok..relax and always think positive. Happy new year to you all xx Hello ladies, Apologies that I haven't been on here for ages. I can see a little light now at the end of the tunnel as my husband agreed already that if it comes again, then be it!!! After all, I am 40 and have severe Endometriosis and my husband is 43 and we are already blessed with a beautiful 9 year old daughter. and in the meantime ***********baby dust to all*************just stopping by to say babydust to all!!!Congrats to both of you, wishing you a baby boy Daffodil and safe delivery! This is life..are lucky to be given straight away, some waited much longer! I must be thankful for the only daughter I have now, she's nearly 13 and she's everything to me. But up to now, she still can't understand why my 2nd pregnancy was terminated! Thankfully I have got these first two weeks in August off to be with my daughter and partner. though i would love to know how long my cycle is supposed to be!!I am not TTC anymore since i had depression from what had happened to me before! She do understand but maybe, her mind doesn't accept it. Fingers crossed that my lil apple pip(the size of it at the mo) stays put. oh well plenty more BD for me and the other half ****baby dust to everyone****babynumber5 ...Most studies suggest that generally women are able to regain fertility after the removal of IUD after the same period of time, compared to other birth control methods . She's now 8 1/2 months so I had it in for a total of 7 months. I'm now 40, I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and have a baby step-grandson, so I'm in the dilemma of just being thankful for the family I have but I still feel something is missing... Why is it all so bloody hard & unfair & heartbreaking??? He felt so sorry and he said, he wants to pay back. Just still waiting for my first period as the termination messed up my cycle (Dr said i'ts normal). What about the other ladies, how are you all doing??? getting ready to have my little one next month via c-section will keep you all updated and i do come here to stalk to see if you guys have had anyluck with babydust!!!Intrauterine device is known to have certain risk and side effects that could interfere with the ability to get pregnant after the device is removed from the uterus. =) As for me, My little bean stuck and i am currently 8 months along. I had no problems with it being placed, during , or removal. Well done Congratulations to babynumber5 and mamakatie ... What fantastic news, well done & congratulations Babycakes & Babynumber5 I shall be keeping fingers, toe & legs crossed for you. Bay dust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hey girls, how you all doing?? I am having huge internet problems so finding it impossible to get on here, but that should be fixed on xmas eve when we finally change internet provider. Good luck, plenty of santas baby dust & sticky beans all round!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL REMEMBER THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON!!!!

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