Netflix screen updating your choices

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It's 2017 and Netflix is still the king of online streaming, using more global bandwidth than cat videos and piracy combined.According to Sandvine, at peak times it's using 37% of America's peak-time internet bandwidth, compared to just 4% for Bittorrent.Chances are that if your device has a screen on it then you'll be able to get Netflix running.

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Netflix, like Amazon, is going to a huge amount of effort to create its own TV shows and has also recently started making the move into movies too, with Beasts of No Nation.

Watch a show on your desktop browser and you can pause it and pick up in the exact same place when logging back in on your big screen TV.

As well as your computer and built-in TV applications there are also Android and i OS apps as well as a whole suite of set-top boxes that will give you access to Netflix's video library.

Sorry Canadian streamers, it looks like Netflix is raising the rent this year.

New customers signing up for the service will have to shell out CAN.99 for the standard one-screen-at-a-time service, CAN.99 for the two screens in HD service and CAN.99 for four screens with 4K UHD.

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