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It is more a guideline because there are many different type of Arcade Cabinets, with different setup and hardware.Per Wikipedia, an "" I'm simplifying, but by definition you can run only one game at a time into an arcade cabinet.When you run a game with MAME for the first time, MAME display a reminder of this type,see attached screen shot. conversion Since I wanted something as close to the original, I started with an old cabinet that I have then converted.Of course, you can build a MAME cabinet from scratch but this is beyond the scope of my Instrucable.

When you convert or even build from scratch a MAME cabinet, there are mainly four critical steps you have to go thru: The first thing I did when I started my conversion was to open the cabinet, take a multimeterand strip the wiring of the old game board as well as the wiring of the pushbuttons, sticks and coin mechanism .

The way I did it is not the way, however this is the way that fitted my specifications the most.

Indeed, I wanted my cabinet to look as close to the exact thing as the original and by seeing it from the outside I wanted it in a way that no one could tell if it's a regular Arcade Cabinet or a MAME Cabinet.

To solve this problem, I soldered together PIN # 14 (Green which is PS-ON) and PIN # 15 (Black which is COM) of the 20-pin ATX power supply connector.

After this modification, the monitor and the motherboard would turn On and Off with the command of one level switch.

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