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With that said, it's important to remember that this type of hacking must be done on a targeted basis.

, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win some amazing prizes!Learn how you can control the exposure, or focus on the objects better. If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move! There are many apps that will help you to do this, and while we can’t understate their help in creating beautiful images, but don’t try too hard. – Love what you do and don’t let the critics get you down too much. The things that she looks for are atmosphere and mood. How to Get More Stable Shots Although the i Phone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization built in, I find I get a better, sharper image by holding the phone with both hands, much like I would hold a traditional camera. When the sun is shining, shadows help create lots of interesting scenes for you to capture.Don’t forget that this is just a phone, and its opportunities are not those of a DSLR lens. You should remember that sometimes a picture can be better off without any filters. The key for me here is then NOT to use the “software” shutter button but instead use the physical volume buttons which act as your shutter, eliminating camera shake and giving you sharper images. Look around and you’ll see that even mundane scenes can be captured in a special way.The only visible evidence that the camera application is running is a single pixel that's almost impossible to detect, even if you know it's there.Though this new video isn't proof that the NSA has access to Android phones, it's strong evidence that they could.

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