Psiriosis dating Live chat without registration and credit card

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If you do decide to wear short sleeves, shorts, skirts, etc., I would recommend explaining your condition to your date before you meet up to avoid a possible awkward situation.

Personally, when I was dating, I wasn’t comfortable with showing off my skin. By doing that, I was able to allow my true personality to shine, and I didn’t worry about who was looking at me or staring at my skin while I was on my date. **At some point, you need to tell the person you’re dating about your psoriasis.

If you’re being intimate with someone, but you don’t feel comfortable enough to tell them about your condition, then you really need to re-evaluate the relationship. She has lived and thrived with psoriasis for over two decades., a site dedicated to sharing what it’s like to live with psoriasis.

What are your thoughts on dating someone who has your disease?

That could be on the first date, or three months later, it just depends on how comfortable you are and the chemistry that’s there. I never mentioned it while on the first date, but I would eventually tell the guy I was dating about my condition.

Besides, even if you don’t end up in a relationship, at least you have educated an additional person about the disease. Showing my skin, however, was always a different ball game.

So I signed up for this site, but have yet to receive an activation link, hopefully it will come soon. The site is not free, but without access to a profile on the site it’s unclear of the cost.

If none of those sites interest you traditional sites such as , while it’s not a dating site, it’s a pressure-free zone to meet others with psoriasis.

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