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The roots of the trees should never be left to dry out.

Most date trees are therefore grown under irrigation.

Date Palms are distributed between the 10o and 39o in the Northern hemisphere however nowadays they can be found all over the world where the climate is suitable, from coastal areas up to elevations of 1500 m.

It was estimated in 1996 that about 100 million date palm trees were growing in 30 countries, producing 2.5 to 4 million Tonnes of fruit.

In fact, abundant water is very important for the quality and quantity of the date crop.

Date palm trees can grow in arid and semi-arid regions characterized by long and hot summers with almost no (very low) rainfall and very low relative humidity during the ripening period.

Exceptionally high temperatures (over 50 °C) can be tolerated by a date palm for several days if it is irrigated.

Sandy soils are common in most date palm plantations.

Date palms can tolerate salinity levels up to 3000 ppm soluble salts but for ideal growing conditions no more than 1000 ppm should be present.

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